Management Team di Cassa depositi e prestiti | CDP

Management Team

The management team defines and implements operational plans, using results  from daily work to implement projects and long-term visions

Management Team
Pierpaolo Di Stefano

Chief Investment Officer

Alessandro Tonetti

Deputy General Manager and Chief Legal Officer

Andrea Montanino

Chief Economist

Alessandra Ferone

Chief Risk Officer

Pasquale Salzano

Chief International Affairs Officer

Davide Colaccino

Chief External Relations & Sustainability Officer

Manuela Sabbatini

Chief Audit Officer

Maurizio Di Fonzo

Chief People & Organization Officer

Paolo Calcagnini

Chief Financial Officer

Tommaso Sabato

Chief Infrastructure & Public Sector Officer

Nunzio Tartaglia

Chief Corporate Business Officer

Luca D'Agnese

Chief Energy and Digital Officer

Antonella Baldino

Chief International Develoment Finance Officer

Marco Doglio

Chief Real Estate CDP and CEO CDP Investimenti Sgr

Pierpaolo Di Stefano

CEO CDP Equity

Pierfrancesco Latini


Emanuele Boni

CEO CDP Immobiliare

Antonino Turicchi

CEO Fintecna